The Facts about California Auto Insurance

Auto insurance in California can be a bit confusing—especially if you are unfamiliar with the basics. These tips can help you better understand California auto insurance so you can get the policy you need to keep both you and your car protected in case of an accident.

  • California does require insurance for each and every driver on the road. Minimum coverage will pay for damage you may do to another car, or personal property, in case of an accident. You can elect to purchase additional insurance that pays for your own vehicle and/or medical bills, but this is not part of the state requirement.
  • You may choose higher limits than the state-required amount. This can protect you from financial disaster in the unlikely event of an accident.
  • Proof of insurance is generally required before you will be able to renew your vehicle registration and keep your tag up to date. This is one of the best ways the state has to make sure people follow the insurance requirements.
  • Driving without obtaining insurance is usually treated as a major offense. If you fail to provide proof of insurance, you may be fined, have your license suspended, or need to appear in court.
  • It is important to shop around and find the best rate on insurance. Working with an agent will help you better understand your needs and get the coverage that will protect you from a financial emergency.

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