The Facts About California Business Insurance

As a business owner in Fremont, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara or San Jose, you know just how quickly insurance costs eat into your hard-earned profits. One way to combat increasing costs is to shop around with the help of an independent agency. In San Jose, Satwant Singh Insurance Agency works with business owners to help them find the most affordable Business insurance policies for their needs. Some of the types of Business insurance which are available for you are:

California Business Auto Insurance

Your business vehicles need to be insured just like your personal ones. Depending on the type of vehicles, and what they're used for, you may need liability, collision, comprehensive and medical payments coverage.

California Business General Liability Insurance (CGL)

In a litigious society, it's essential to have liability insurance in case someone hurts themselves at your place of business. You might also be the victim of vandalism or theft which could leave you without hundreds or thousands of dollars' worth of supplies or equipment. This coverage will pay for losses for injuries that occur on-site, as well as any property damage done by others.

California Business Property Insurance

If you own the land where your business is, you need to protect the property on which your business is run and Business property insurance will insure your possessions, inventory and the land. You never know when a disaster--natural or otherwise--will strike, and this coverage will help you keep from going into debt to make repairs following a storm, fire or break-in.

California Workers Compensation

You'll likely need workers comp insurance if you have any employees. You can work with your agent to find out exactly what current California law requires, but this coverage protects your workers in case they are hurt on the job.

California Business Owner Package (BOP)

This might just be the solution for which you're looking. A business owner package, orBOP, gets you liability, property and business interruption coverage. When you buy polices as a bundle, you'll get a better rate overall and know that you're adequately covered.

If you're ready to purchase Business insurance for your California-based business, contact the agents at Satwant Singh Insurance Agency today. Not only will they explain the policies and help you decide which ones you need, they'll also help you find the lowest prices on them, and they're always on hand to answer your questions.